Yay to Laptop and Mobile Concerts!

Audience engagement is one of the most crucial aspects of any performer’s work. If there’s no audience to enjoy, appreciate, comment, or even criticize, the artwork seems to have failed its purpose.

India is a vast country with diverse arts and cultural forms. There’s a pool of talented artists, who belong to different parts of the country and don’t get the access and familiarity across the nation. Unless they are a part of the Bollywood industry, many talented artists fail to get their due recognition. Today, fans can be scattered across the globe and it’s nearly not feasible for the artists to travel and conduct events or shows everywhere. It involves a lot of cost and time consumption. In the age of technology, people don’t go searching for entertainment, instead it comes to them. Hence, live streaming platforms are getting the attention amongst fans as well as artists. Technology is increasingly making this world a smaller place and bringing people closer.

Playtoome, India’s only anywhere-on-any-device solution for live performance streaming, is utilizing this power of technology to bring the artist closer to his/her audience. Our shows are conducted on a subscription basis, where the user pays a minimum amount to watch a live performance and a percentage of the ticket sale goes to the artist. With over 25 genres from music to art forms like theatre, dance, poetry reading, and more, we bring a live and intimate experience between the artists and their fans. Over the last 6 months, we have hosted more than 100 shows with 20000 followers and over 600 iconic stars to today’s best artists.</

If you are an artist, here’s how we can help you connect with your audience in a more interactive and intimate manner:

The World is Your Audience: Playtoome gives the convenience of setting up the stage right where you are and yet get the global attention. Whether you are big time artist or just starting up, through us you will be able to engage a larger pool of audience watch you perform.  Our country is rich and diverse in arts and culture. There are many art forms and genres that remain unexplored because there’s a lack of awareness. Our platform bridges this gap and gives the artists of such genres an opportunity to open their doors to the world.

The Stage is Where You Are:  Going to a physical venue and conducting performances has its set of disadvantages. An artist can have fans scattered across the globe and he/she can’t afford to travel all the time. Through Playtoome, artists can avoid the stress of traveling to these venues and arrange an act from anywhere in the world. Your room, house, studio, or any place of your convenience and choice can be the venue to perform live. Even the fans can enjoy your performances from anywhere. Be it on a mobile while traveling, laptop, or Smart TVs. Be where you want to be, all you need is a good connectivity and recording devices.

Up Close and Personal Experience: Many artists prefer live streaming over concert events, as it gives them an opportunity to engage better with their audiences or fans. Similarly, fans get to see the performances in a closer view and interact with the artists between their gigs. It’s like a front row experience without shedding big bucks.

Get on board with us and connect with the world!

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