How the coronavirus pandemic has elevated the streaming media platforms

The unprecedented and unpredictable crisis of COVID-19 has urged many changes across all the industries across the world. This massive disruption caused by the pandemic has also bought into light some new and interesting developments in the digital world. In a time that requires utmost caution, care, and social distancing, the primary form of entertainment for people has solidified itself in the form of streaming. With most sporting events, concerts, and Hollywood productions being put on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, one would think that the streaming industry might be feeling a gut punch in their revenues and traffic, but all the signs point to the contrary.

With most of the countries practicing quarantine, for the time being, streaming has turned in a colossal traffic for many media platforms for keeping the general populace entertained. Whether it is YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, or other digital platforms offering a myriad of shows or platforms like Playtoome offering the joy of attending a live concert digitally to be consumed at the comfort of your home, the “outbreak” has unintentionally caused an opposite effect in the form of “in-break” for many people.

Digital streaming platforms like Netflix, HBOMax, Disney+, etc have turned to offer a tinge of nostalgia to its users by revisiting the older and popular shows and giving them the highlight. This has brought in a sleuth of users into engaging in the platforms to give themselves a much-needed source of entertainment and passing time. 

Similarly, platforms like Playtoome have bought in a new wave of users into indulging with watching artists perform live without leaving the confinements of their home. Most avid music fans and aficionados have been facing the blow-back of the outbreak in the form of not being able to attend their favorite artists’ live shows or concerts. To fill in this gaping hole in their souls and to satiate their need for watching live performances from their beloved artists, digital concerts and live shows have become a very popular commodity, and platforms like Playtoome are taking the initiative to elegantly cater to this exact tranche of audience.

All major economical industries are charting out contingency plans for the upcoming times with unpredictable predicaments. But the streaming industry has started to thrive in this pandemic like it never has before. As perfectly summed up by Stephen Covey, “Uncertainty is the only certainty in business.

In the midst of it all, platforms like Playtoome are offering the consumers with incentives like no other. Not only do the users get to experience live concerts in all their glory digitally, but they can also interact with their beloved artists in real-time. And all of this is offered at merely a fraction of the cost of attending an actual concert!. This has also streamlined a way for the artists to connect with their fan base in times like this. Not only do the artists get a platform to perform and interact with their audience, but they also get to create an environment for their fans for virtual engagement. 

In trying times like the Coronavirus pandemic, streaming platforms will always be the go-to for people to get their daily dose of entertainment. Meeting up with the requirements of the public subscribing to these streaming platforms is the only way for these platforms to successfully grow. The elevated status of streaming media platforms today is proof enough for this.

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